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Poetic Muse for the enlightenment of the people; food for cognizant consumption

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries


This poem piece is actually intrinsic thoughts that are personal and self related. As a young child and throughout my adolescence, I was somewhat popular in school and throughout the city. After becoming an adult, the real world introduced me to realities, such as, envy, jealousy, pear pressure, and strife. I felt that I became unintentionally infamous. My thoughts and ideas about prudence in life were commandeered, soon giving an impression of being conveniently accessible or invisible. There were times when I felt like the family outcast because my perception of life was not congruent with my family nor my immediate environment. I could look people in the face and speak to them and there was no response nor verbal engagement. Often I would think of the biblical scripture that said a prophet is not without honor except, in his own country and in his own house. I found it amazing that strangers heard my words or valued my person more so than relatives and acquaintances. This poem became my way paralleling my experience with Jesus.

The 2nd line states:

Sometimes I just want to be as a bird and take off in flight

Sometimes my spirit is taken away like a thief in the night

I'm the Black sheep

The dark horse

the long shot

I'm the one with the stain

unloved, unchosen

Let alone, filled with pain 

Often in my life I've felt misunderstood...Check out the rest of this poem in my first book: Drops of Revelation. Enjoy.

Dr William W Richardson Jr


"Rain Drops" is a poem that came to me early one morning (May 3, 2017). There was a thunder storm passing over and suddenly I was awakened and these inspired words came to mind while I reflected on my childhood. I thought how, as a boy, my playmates and I loved getting wet in the rain, attempting to taste the rain drops for that fresh taste on our tongues. Fresh rain-drops from heaven. Barefooted and white Tee Shirts, soaked, we enjoy the moments of rain saturating our hair and clothes while creating all sorts of water games.

Then, I thought of the song by the R&B group ("The Dramatics") that sang the hit song, "I want to go outside in the rain." These reflections motivated and inspired the words to this poem. Here is a sample:


Calming, soothing, not disturbing

The very thought of rain drops being out

While I'm dwelling within

giving me thoughts of washing and cleansing

Thoughts of going out 

Getting wet from heaven

Thoughts of its glory descending

(Last line) I want to go outside 

And taste those rain drops

I hope that this teaser would peak your interest and motivate you to preview the book or check out the entire poem. Just click on the button for the Book "Drops of Revelation" and preview. Love, Peace, and Soul.

 All the best,

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.​​

Drops of Revelation: Reprise (Book) link

Drops of Revelation (Book) link


"I Desire a Drop" is the first poem in my 1st. book "Drops of Revelation." Each poem that I am inspired to write has a back story to them.  I am in the process of revealing these back stories in my blogs. 

When i penned this poem I was actually thinking about the impact that a drop of any element, how it would or could change the entire complexity of any substance or thing. Then reflecting on how the blood that was shed for my salvation, just a drop, could change my entire life, the way I thought, the way I understood things and the way I spoke. 

Then my thoughts flowed from blood to water, then to oil and ink and so forth.

Please allow me to give a slight preview of "I Desire a Drop."

I desire a drop

Of water from your well of living water

With hope that all will be well

I'm burning like the hot desert sand

To cool this sin, I hope you understand

I desire a drop from the Savior of Man

I desire a drop of oil

The oil of anointing 

Just like the oil that flowed from Aaron's beard

I desire a drop of oil

Help me to draw near

To do your will,

Your bidding, with courage, without fear...

It is my desire that you would enjoy the rest of this poem and others...go to the store and click on the tab for book purchasing, or the single poem will be made available for purchase at a reasonable cost. Thanks for your time and attention, enjoy life poetically. 

Yours truly,

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

May 23, 2018

This poetry piece is basically a pictorial illustration and written verbiage of an adopted intimate moment in how we express PDA (public display of affection). We had so many photographs of our Eskimo kissing that it inspired me to write about it in a poetic format. This gesture seems to draw a smile from onlookers and even the photographers while even in studio settings. I was prompt to research it's origin and practices and purpose. So, as I discovered information and became educated, I felt it would be in good taste to share with poetry readers. 

Eskimo Kiss

Like eternal bliss

The rubbing of nose

While striking a pose

A symbol of love

And of unity

An expression of faith

For eternity

It's an expression of style

From a side profile

It's a unique kiss

With a beautiful twist

This is just a teaser for your poetic snack. It would be my pleasure if you would click on the link button for Drops of Revelation and preview this poem and others to prick your poetic interest, possibly to procure a copy of the book for yourself or a friend.   

​Yours Truly,

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

May 15, 2018

"Crazy Special" is a poem that recaptures a 1st. date picnic that my wife and i experience nature's unusual reception of our romantic experience. Animals, aquatic life, birds and insects seemed to be in on our relational existence. It is difficult to express what we witnessed that day, so I figured I would put it in a poetic format. We said it was a crazy experience coupled with, what we thought as, a special moment, thus the term we dubbed as Crazy-Special. From that point on everything that we did was dubbed Crazy-Special.

Crazy Special

Is when the Dolphins escort the ferry over the Bay

That our coupled existence sought to reach the other side

To express our love

Crazy Special

Is when nature collectively and festively gives a production, in Concert

While crawling, flying, singing, and swimming

Celebrating our romantic picnic

Feel free to go to the store page on this website and click the button link for Drops of Revelation and preview the book and check out the rest of Crazy Special...enjoy

Dr. William W Richardson Jr

May 9, 2018

Drops of Revelation is a piece that was written to reiterate the title of this book. This piece connotes how important something as small as a drop has a plethora of significance in life and our existence on earth. Drops of blood; Drops of love; Drops of rain; Drops of wisdom and Drops of oil. All of these drops and more has a vital impact on our ecology and economics; our education; our familial relationship; our governance; our religious or spiritual association; and even our health and the welfare of people or human kind. 

Drops of Revelations

God drops love from His throne above

Wisdom of His Manifestation

Drops of blood from His Son

Covering our sin, for everyone's salvation

Drops of revelation

Just Like pure gold

Pearls of His majesty

Too bright to behold

 Just a little sample of what's in the book. Hope you are enticed enough to preview the book "Drops of Revelation" in the store on this website.


Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

June 11, 2018

This poem is actually an appreciation piece for my wife. There are times I may fail to express how I truly feel about her or fail to remind her of the things that bring me joy and as to why she became a choice of mine by nuptials, connecting me with her. So I decided to share a creative written illustration of who I see as Gwendolyn R. Richardson. 

Queen Gwendolyn

She's always there

Demonstrating a helpful flare

She's always Spiritually sound

Her countenance never down

With a helpful heart she stands

Firmly supporting and standing by her man

Always active and part of the team

Exhorting others uplifting her self esteem

Words flow sweetly as she sings

Loving the joy that her mellow tones bring

Faces light up with a spiritual glow

As she sings in a tenor octave, for a woman, that's low

A licensed Professional Engineer

A female designer and blue-print pioneer

Gifted and talented, in a career she loves

All the while giving thanks and praises

To a creator above

Queen Gwendolyn, Is tried and true

She's thankful for God's grace and mercy

Everyday are brand new

I'm choosing to bless the readers of this blog this week with the entire poem, because I feel you, as the reader, deserve to receive the full benefit and effect of the Joy I have for My Queen. 

Until next week, be blessed and stay poetically correct, what ever that mean to you. LOL...

Dr. William W Richardson Jr

June 4, 2018

This piece of poetry is an attempt of this shy brother being anxious about intimacy with the chosen lady, the wife, the residential dweller. There are times when one just want to be spontaneous and drop everything and just touch, engage, turning the home into a play ground of frolic and fun. Reliving child like fantasies and attempting to align the elements of nature metaphorically, such as, Air (Gas), Fire  and Water with these earthy bodies, by reducing our intellect to animalistic behavior and qualities. Can't help it, can't wait.

Can't Wait

I see ya

Can't wait to feel Ya

In my house

You're more than just a spouse

You're more than debonair

You're my breath of fresh air

This is not a tease

You're my sunset 

My cool breeze

I apologize for the tease, even-though it's stated in the poem that it wasn't a tease for the protagonist, however, it doesn't apply to the reader, smile check out the rest in the book: Drops of Revelation.

Be blessed. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr

May 29, 2018

This poem is a reflection of inhibitions stemming from youthful shyness. Reflecting on times past when I first encountered girls, I was not brave enough and skilled in communicating my true feelings about them. So, dreams and idle thoughts are the spaces that I set up my romantic residences. There were females who I would have liked to express these feelings, but I could only keep  this reality in a journal or in the chasms of my brain. As a teenager I broke the ice and began to experience engaging conversation with the opposite sex, but still there existed bouts of shyness. As an adult male I began to understand that some relationships had a goal and a target of marriage. In all sincerity, marriage, personally, is a secret desire that I harbored in which I needed to convey without appearing aggressive and foolish. There are times when a stimulant would provide the courage to express these deep emotions that are to be expressed toward the individual. Often, subsequent after thoughts would leave an impression of doubt and reservation as though I was just awakened from a dream, or as though i was caught up in a cloud of smoke.

You're My Gal

You're my gal whether you know it or not

You make me feel like I've been smoking pot

If you ever decide to change your name

Just let me know so ours can be the same

Some may say to feel this way

I should be shame

You must know girl the change is not a game

If you do this, my love for you would never end

I'm dying cause of this flesh

I'm living and thinking in sin

If this synopsis pricked your curiosity, check out Drops of Revelation (The Book) and experience the remaining stanzas of this poem piece and see the results. 

All the best, 

. Dr. William W Richardson Jr

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

July 3, 2018

I was strolling through Hermann Park with my headsets on listening to some Reggae Music and all of a sudden this brother road by on a bicycle painted black with Green, Red and Yellow colors in some type of motif or patterns illustrated on it. He passed by and threw up the power sign and yelled out" nice colors brother nice colors," I realized at that moment why he identified with me, I was wearing my black beanie with the Green, Red, and Yellow rings on it, He was linking the colors of his bike with the colors of my beanie, thus uniting us in a collective manner. 

These colors have ethnic significance, Green is for the Mother land of Africa; Red is for blood that was shed by the people in Africa who tried to protect its resources; and the yellow is symbolic of the gold that is part of the sub terrain resources that may have had something to do with the "Scramble for Africa" after WW II.  

I was so inspired by this brother's words, I immediately wrote this poem when I returned to my car, and then I penned these words.

Nice Colors

The brother shouted as he was passing by

Nice Colors he shouted

As he raised his fist

And then pointed to the sky

With his headset on 

While I walked jamming to a song

He was on a bike

While I was taking a hike

He shouted Nice Colors

His bike had a color scheme

Red, yellow, Black and green

Matching my Beanie cap

My heritage was tapped

Brother recognized

As he shouted with pride

When he passed and was looking back

At that moment proud of being Black

Nice Colors

With our fist in the air

We did not care 

Like firing off a flare

As we continued to stare

Nice colors shout

Not berried in doubt

Nice colors indeed

Red, Yellow, Black and Green

This poem caused me to reflect in time my younger days as a teen and in my early twenties when bell-bottom pants and fly-collared shirts with psychedelic colors and platform shoes or sandals that displayed a pride and an ethnicity that was part of a movement that impacted the society and world we lived in that dispensation of time.  Check out the book "Drops of Revelation."

I love, "Love"

Dr. William W. Richardson Jr.

June 25, 2018

In a world that harps on collectivism and unity, yet we live in a reality that advocate separatism. People usually sing and talk about coming together, but often demonstrate isolationism rather than collectivism. This poem is about all of the facets of separation and how it's perceived in our society. 

Personally, I have mixed emotions on how separation is connoted, maybe there is a healthy balance even though I have a longing for togetherness with friends and family. The irony is that I love being home alone in meditation or writing poetry or practicing on my acoustic guitar. Basically, I'm a bit phobic when in large crowds. Yet I love the intimacy in the open mic poetry setting, connecting with the audience feeding off of their vibe. 

I'll give a taste of this piece and let you, the reader, identifying your personal emotions. 


Separation of time

Separation of mind

Separation can be fine

In some cases it's divine

Separation of Nations

Separation of people

Separation in Churches

After the storm Separation from it's steeple

Separation from hope

Separation from joy

It'll leave you crying

Like a child, who loses its toy

Separation in marriage

That end in divorce

Separation of the couple

When love has run its course

Separation in death

Separation in sorrow

Separation in pain

No hope for tomorrow

Separation is good

once understood

Separation by the sea

Or under a tree

Separation in song

While in front standing alone

Separation in peace

To say the least

Two fingers separated apart

A symbol of victory

While a hand is raised

Going down in history

As divine as it seems to be

Separation is no good for me

Maybe there is something to the saying that we are social creatures and we are not made to live alone. However, too much of anything is an overdose. What do you think ?

Dr. William W Richardson, Jr

June 18, 2018

My Mother died in the year of 2015, on a Wednesday afternoon of January on the 21st. day of that month. Her picture rest in the bedroom in a cherry-wood frame that is 8 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches. This photo was taken in the 50's when i was just a toddler. It was a set of three photos, one of her, and of my Father and of myself. My mother was in her twenties at the time of the photo shoot and she possessed this radiant smile which displayed a space between her top front teeth. This space is deemed as an African tribal feature which is admired and desired by many African women. 

This poem is a dedication to my Mother, in which I spent the biggest part of my adult life attempting to cut that umbilical cord only to find out that life would not allow detachment. There were times I felt she was being mean but she was only being Motherly, Now I find myself missing those Motherly moments. So, in this poem piece I chose to express my true appreciation for her eighty eight years of life. I celebrate Rosie Lee's memory with my poetic gift. Indulge me and enjoy if you will.

Eight by Eleven

I see your picture 

In a frame

Your face

Your smile

No other will be the same

Your fashion

Your style

Your image

I've Idoled for a while

Eight by eleven

My closest thing to heaven

A Mother's love can't be erased

Eight by eleven

Frames the smile on your face

My destiny I'll continue to chase

My eight by eleven

Gave me the strength and courage

To run the race

Eight by eleven

No longer in the flesh

Your instructions and wisdom

You gave me knowledge of what's best

Eight by eleven

Seeing your image in the frame

You're no longer here

Life will never be the same

I can lean on this scripture 

When I think I've had enough

When my Father and Mother Fore-sake me,

Then the Lord will take me up

I would like to thank everyone for taking the time in experiencing this poetic journey with me to commemorate my Mother. Much love to all...

Dr. William W. Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

July 23, 2018

"Deep Tears" came about while in Macon Georgia a few years ago for a concert, we had an opportunity to stay at the 1842 INN. Ms. Jo Anne, whom took care of us, one morning for breakfast on the porch of this mansion, she began to share her tears and her story with us. These were not tears of hurt, harm or danger, these were tears of joy and a sense of pride. 

Deep Tears

Deep are the tears

That brings joy not fears

Deep are the cares

As we strolled down the stairs

Tears of joy at first sight

Tears of joy

In our not knowing

Her struggles and plight

Stress, strain, and struggles

Jo Anne had endured

Often with heart ache

As the people adjured

Check out the remainder of this poem in the Drops of Revelation Book. The teas of Joy by Ms. JoAnne reminded me of the deep tears of the woman who washed Jesus' feet with her tears of joy...

All the best to each reader of every poem, thanks. 

Dr.. William W. Richardson Jr.

July 16, 2018

When I wrote this piece I was thinking how we often reflect on our past and conceding that times may have been simpler, but better during that dispensation. There were rules and regulations that kept a degree of order in our lives and a minimum of distractions by things that may have been detrimental to our livelihood and our existence. 

There are things such as our technology and social media, which may be an evolutionary trap from our being cognizant of the real truth and a reality of this life that we have grown to be fond of. 

I can't help but think that reverting back to our simplicity is the solution that would save us from this contemporary- chaos that we have created for ourselves.  But this façade of reality has a stronghold on this society in such a repugnant manner that it would be insane and primitive to think of reincorporating old ideologies and morals. 

So, I decided to put the review on paper in a poetic proposition mapping this journey and our evolution to prove a personal point.

We Must Ge Back to Our Roots

When ancient man was created by an image in the mist

He ruled with dominion and power from the Heavens

With a strong arm and fist

To him paradise was given 

Yes, in Africa he was Living

Then there were chains on his feet and hands

He became a subjugated man

We must get back to our roots

Tortured, beaten, and driven

Men, Women, and Children

Slavery's abuse was unforgiving

We must get back to our roots

With clothes on his back and shoes on his feet

An education he was given

In order to earn a decent living

Nevertheless, still subjugated and controlled

Even with the 13th Amendment he was sold

We must get back to our roots

Living on Charity

With fake prosperity

The lie of owning land for sharecropping he was sold

Still a subjugated slave the real owners had control

We must get back to our roots

Now with technology in his face

With cell phones, computers, Facebook an My-Space

Even now he thinks he's free

He can't even see

That he's in a digital new age captivity

We must get bake to our roots

We must get back to our roots

The idea here is to gain consciousness  and become vigilant so that we are not lulled into the trap that all that glitter is gold. Stay woke people and use the past to help with the future.

​Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

July 9, 2018

When I was a kid I used to play baseball. I even made a few All-Star  teams. I even  played as a teenager and as an adult; a little semi-pro and softball. One of the greatest baseball stories ever told,  in my opinion, is the breaking of the color barrier in major league baseball by the Great Jackie Robinson. I know what it's like to endure racism but to break down a barrier, to be the first, is to reach inside of yourself while trekking on uncharted territory in utter isolation. Sometimes to be successful with this type of challenge is to be in conflict with your own beliefs and emotions. This ideology prompt me to pin this poem imagining what is could have been like for this baseball legend and hero.

"The Fight within number 42" 

What does it mean to you?

Walking around giants

Walking around great men

I suddenly realized

The fight within

My own self consciousness

My Self -esteem

My own value and self-worth

Just to be part of a team

My courage is tested

My patience vested

My opinions on hold

Having to do what I'm told

The fight with, what does the number 42 mean to you?

Suppressed desires and complaints

Being viewed as the person John "Q" public wants me to be

Can't be who I ain't

Hey Mr. Man let me be

The fight within wants you to let me be me

This is just a little preview of this poem, in order to get the other half you'll have to check out the Drop of Revelation book. When we are up against obstacles we must understand that they are there to make us stronger individuals. 

Be blessed, seek good fortune in others and self,

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

August 14, 2018

Facts are something that actually exists, or what could be considered as a reality, or truth. Facts may impact an individual's life in a positive or a negative way. 

Some facts of life

Cut like a razor

When the police attack with dogs, guns and tasers

Lets think about this fact for a moment, militarization is in full effect. Most citizens are unarmed and do not pose a threat to anyone, yet on any given moment in time can be criminalized and brutalized to the fullest just because an armed individual states that they are in fear for their life, and haled a hero for assaulting a defenseless individual. This is an indisputable fact. But, wait, there's more.

It's a crying shame 

When by the color of our skin

We're to blame

Oh how it hurt

To be treated like dirt

Yes, it is sad to see

That this is a part of our history

I don't understand 

When blood is splattered

When people shout

That black lives matter

There are those who

March that care

While others stand aside and stare

I've had my marching moments, however, I'm one of those who stand aside, but I'm not staring, I'm writing these social and political poetry formatted drops of revelations so that conscious  people will know that their plight is being recognize and their efforts are not in vain, as well as introducing to people that are oblivious about these facts and social issues, so that they might get a clue. 

How far we think that freedom has come

The reality is 

Equality is on the run

Wonder what it really meant

When we elected 

Our 1st Black President

Some people thought to turn and hide

And others committed political suicide

It's a shame that the majority think of genocide

Sometimes I wonder If the election was a setup, just to quell future ambitions or hopes in making that administration fail, thus dashing the hopes of people in their endeavors for political empowerment. 

I guess we should stay in our place and enjoy the scraps from the Masters table. Enjoy the careers and professions afforded and apportioned or doled out.. Be seen and not heard. You get the drift. But, wait, there's more.

While gifted athletes globally play

We the people, watch, fight and pray

So we choose to watch fight and pray

With hope that we shall overcome some day

Life throws curves and subtle hints

It throws darts and rocks

Sometimes causing dents

In our hearts we bend but don't break

We deeply and truly wonder

How much more we can take

Flesh and blood sacrifice and tears you see

All for the sake of blind liberty

I think I'll allow you to read the rest of this bit of poetry on your own in the book, Drops of Revelation, The rest of this poem provides the solution for these political and social facts. Don't get weary in well doing.

Enjoy, peace and love forever,

Dr. William W Richardson Jr 

August 6, 2018

 My interest in politics years ago caused me to pursue a "Political Science" degree, with the intent of furthering my studies in Law School. My interest was additionally heightened while enrolled in a "Constitutional Law" course. In that course we examined the 13th Amendment ( Involuntary Servitude) which states: Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United states, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.


The clause that really struck my attention is: except as punishment for crime whereof the party is duly convicted...This clause prompt me to consider the hidden truth about slavery and the façade the 13th amendment yielded.

A technical approach to legalize slavery is planted within our own legal document by which we call the Constitution of the United States of America. Freedom is not really freedom in the eyes of the framers and interpreters. So, I have posed this issue in a poetic format in order to enlighten people who are interested in knowing this fallacy. 

13th Amendment People 

Slavery and involuntary servitude

To some people it doesn't seem very rude

The 13th amendment

Used to set slaves free

It's just a façade

And not what it seems to be

Deeply embedded in section one

Is the set up, for "Justified-Imprisonment"

In which, has already come

Behind the comma

Is the amendment's drama

Except as a punishment for crime

Be sure to listen close

I'm dropping a dime

Whereof the party shall have been duly convicted

Pow, there it is

The sticky wicket

This clause places one into the system

Deeply embedded

Where the conscious can't fathom

Once enrolled, the mystery unfolds

In the system you see

You lose all of your liberty

For what it's worth

Slavery is rebirth

It's working individuals against their will

Leaving tax payers to foot the bill

Manufactures and privatized prisons you see

Have combined their forces

For this atrocity

Profits and earnings

Are through the roof

While the rest of America

Are merely existing and wondering aloof

13th Amendment is a segue you see

A pipeline for people of color to be arrested, incarcerated

And thrust back into Constitutional Slavery

The Key to life, liberty and freedom

Is not to get arrested and enrolled in the system

Exercising faith, knowledge and wisdom

Controlling our attitudes, behavior

And displaying some discipline

The staples passed on for generations to come

Engrave them in our hearts

Nuggets of life

From those who are gone

It is necessary for me to share this entire poetry piece with everyone so that this diabolical scheme might be exposed in order to preclude the furtherance of this ruse. My position is to poetically proposition you, the reader, to take heed to this drop of revelation.   Thanks for allowing me to stand on my soapbox...Be blessed.

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.  

July 30, 2018

According to our westernized dictionary, the term "urgent" means compelling or requiring immediate action or attention to something, it's imperative or pressing. Therefore, when there is an "urgency," immediate action or attention is needed. Our society is undergoing a crisis that has challenged our morals of brotherly love and self preservation. There has been so many questionable social circumstances that I had to pen this poem, "Urgency."


We're living in times of urgency

We're Living in a crisis

A state of emergency

This emergency is the state of our being in a lack of social respect and a practice of moral ineptitude. A complete lack of social moral and skill that need immediate action or attention as our society, as we desire or know it ought to be, is snatched or taken away. 


High tax



Our educational system has made a complete 180 degree turn about, and our government is over-burdening its citizens, our justice system is impartial and is displaying a gross respect of persons, in addition to causing or abetting in all types of addictions. 

Our society is living in an urgent period that was disclosed biblically,


Mothers against daughters

Fathers against sons

Disrespect of elders

And neglect of the young


The rich are admired

The poor are not desired

The institution of education

Has become a pipeline for prison


The price of healthcare

Is soaring out of the roof

Where the system of justice

Is appearing aloof

We have six main social institutions that are linked in our society, they are: the family institution, religious institution, educational institution, government institution, economic institution and the health and welfare institution. All of these institutions have an impact on one another. We can't afford to neglect any of these if we, as a society, intend to preserve and protect our positive human interest. 

For every problematic situation there is a solution, they are in our deeper spirituals self...


I will turn to the LORD

I will not appear hasty

I will both lay me down in peace, and deep sleep

For thou, LORD only makes me dwell in safety

Then I'll know that there is no Emergency

It is then I'll know there is no urgency

All of our social issues are perpetual, and they will always exist, however the problem of being discomforted resides inside our spiritual nature, to teach us how to co-exist. 

Be great, and stay great, It's urgent,

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

September 3, 2018

The term "White Washed," depending on who is phrasing, has a variety of connotations, expressions and meanings. One connotation, according to the Urban dictionary, states that it is an absurd, patronizing term used for non-white people who don't fulfill their negative racial stereotypes; another states that it is a derogatory term used to describe a minority who has assimilated with western society. Furthermore, the person does not necessarily abandon his/her own culture but rather embrace others besides his/her own. Some take it as a compliment, whereas others may consider it as an insult. 

The purpose of this piece of poetry is to expose some of the social white-washed issue in our contemporary times at this dispensation.

White Washed

Experiencing barriers to break

Striving to crack glass ceilings

My higher learning is at stake

Often hiding my true feelings

White Washed

Like a picket fence covered with white paint

Hiding the damaged stained wood

Looking fresh on the outside

Yet hiding the taint

Loosing identity

My cultural virginity

White Washed in the brain

This life-style's a strain

Keep your hands on the wheel

Being accused of trying to steal

With my hands in the air

Still got shot

Because they don't care

White Washed

Drug to a cell, put down

Shamed and blamed

The next day suicide

Even though I was hanged

Shot or choked to death on tape in the streets

White Washed said

Who cares about righteousness

Who don't know defeat

Hands up lying down

Had my patient with me

Don't shoot I'm not armed

White Washed still shot me near the knee

Can be rich and famous

Celebrated, living life bigger

Only to have my dwelling place spray painted

With the word spelling NIGGER

So, White Washed

What am I to Do?

Can't be anything at all in life

If it's all left up to you

Words that are synonymous with white wash: explain, justify, rationalize, absolve, acquit, clear, exculpate, exonerate, vindicate, waive, wave (aside or off). You get the idea. So if an individual tells you to close your eyes to a circumstance or situation or for you to forgive and it white be the judge.

Dr. William W. Richardson Jr. 

August 27, 2018

Conflict. Conflict can be a positive entity or a negative one. By definition, it may  be connoted as a collision or disagreement; may be a contradiction or a variance or something in opposition. A conflict of interest is a circumstance of a public officeholder, or business executive, or even a personal interest that benefits an official action or influence. 

Conflict of Interest 


A situation where concerns or aims

In different parties are incompatible 

The extremes and allegiance of each

May be unacceptable

Conflict of Interest

Is it God, or Government?

Both Have flags

One holding a blood stained banner

The other used to brag

Conflict of Interest

On the government's currency

'In God we trust"

Just stating a fact

Not to cause a fuss

It is the Supreme Courts Justice's

In which who holds our fate

In the 1st. Amendment of the Constitution

Ratified by each State

A separation of power

Between Church and State  

In an unemployment situation

As a precept for someone

Time for promotion and your name gets lost

Your subordinate gets the position

Cause their relative's the boss

Conflict of Interest

Pharmaceuticals and Physicians

What an interesting pair

May look like a good team

Promoting the best of healthcare

Conflict of Interest

When a patient is on

An examination table lying still

There's a kickback being given

Promoting a specific pill

Conflict of Interest

Unethical in basic situations

Existing in many organizations

At the end of it corruption

Precluding free flow by disruption

These are a few phrases from this poetry piece that should enlighten you with our social conflicts of interest that may be subliminal in its existence.  It may behoove you, the reader, to read the rest of this piece of poetry in the book, Drops of Revelation. There is much more to this poem that will be an awakening for you. Check it out. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

August 20, 2018

This poem is very personal for me, because of my generation and our ancestors' sacrifices are being taken for granted by our young generations. There are certain liberties that are afforded to us and them ( the young), because of those sacrifices, whether it was by blood, protest, or march's, what ever was given or sacrificed, it should not be given unto frivolity. Doing so is considered to be an insult, a slap in our history's face...


Don't be frivolous with my liberty

A price was paid

A segue to your destiny

If you only knew

What we've been through

To grant you life

Sparing you from strife

The shedding of blood

Flowing like a flood

There was no fame

Called out of our name

They pulled the trigger

Calling us NIGGER, go figure

Don't be frivolous with my liberty

I'm warning you out of necessity

You don't care 

Showing your underwear

With an empty mind

And an empty heart

My countenance sadden 

Don't know where to start

I can't show you love 

From Heaven above

You want me to leave

Cause you don't believe

You would have me cry

Or want me to die

You don't want me to stay

Just throw me away

You won't even listen

Cause you prefer prison

You want to put me in check

Go ahead, what the heck

Be frivolous with my liberty

Cause I realize 

You don't want your destiny

Frivolous is a term meaning a lack of seriousness, or being unconcerned about a serious purpose. Liberty is not a privilege, it cost, it is not free, sacrifices must be made and it must be earned. My caveat is that the young not waste their life being frivolous. 

​Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

September 24, 2018

In the 2016 Summer Olympic games, South Africa was finally represented with the inclusion of Black athletes, whereas, there was a time, because of Apartheid, Blacks were not allowed to participate or represent the South African Country.  Apartheid was a system of institutionalized racial segregation that existed in South Africa from the year 1948 and brought to a halt in April 1994. 

Wayde Van Niekerk was a young South African 400 meter athlete who, in the Brazil 2016 Summer Olympics, earn a spot in the final's.  He inherited his athletic prowess from his mother, who was not allowed to represent her country because she was Black. How time brings about changes. So, she had a son and at the fall of Apartheid, she was at the precipice  of defying its very existence.  

Van Niekerk was assigned one of the toughest lanes in a 400 meter dash, lane eight (8). As I watched this race in progress it was apparent that history was in the making. He not only, won the race, but he also set a World Record from lane 8, which is almost an impossible feat to accomplish. 

I was inspired to write this piece as it was my only way of expressing my appreciation for this great and outstanding accomplishment.

Birth of a Champion 

I will birth a champion

Is what his mother said

Her opportunity representing South Africa

Cause of color, was forbade

Brazil 2016 by an act of fate

Wayde Van Niekerk

Won the 400 mete Olympic championship

Running in lane eight

A feat never accomplished

In Olympic History

Van Niekerk 43.033 World Record 

Gave him the Victory

Though generations apart

Van Niekerk ran with his mother's heart

They looked from the shadows beyond

The birth of South Africa's champion

Van Niekerk is now in the Olympic history book

In the future they will look

They will see through racism and hate

A championship won running in lane eight

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


September 17, 2018

Most of my pieces of poetry are related to something that I have experienced, seen or heard. This piece called "Get A Clue" is a compilation of sarcasms that came to mind as I pondered on some social issues. The term "clue"  is connoted as anything that serves to guide or direct in the solution of a problem or mystery. So, I decided to give clues in an amusing and poetic format. See if you can "Get a Clue." 

I Thought you knew 

Life is not just a stroll

Through the park or zoo

Often people are aloof and just wonder through life aimlessly without direction or purpose and very little focus. Thus becoming targets for predators of ill-gotten means. These individuals often lack vigilance for their survival in this torrid society. They often become the prey as expressed in the next stanza...

Lions and tigers and bears

Oh my

And the next incidental moment

Be prepared to die

When people can't sat on a stoop

Take a walk in a park

Or trod down the street

Give me a clue, How do you spell relief

When adequate thought is given , we are all susceptible of becoming prey...

Victimized by pedophiles 

Or the police

 Parental abuse

By friends and people of faith

Life is not kind

Hell, what's the use 

It appears that the odds are stacked against people who strive for some type of normalcy in their lives, only to give thought to a contemplation of suicide, perhaps. Can't trust friends and relatives, can't trust the police, who are sworn to protect and serve; even some parents are not fit for stewardship, not to mention some clergy members. 

Get a Clue

She's not your muse 

Candy coated conscience

Intentions are sexual

Contrary to biblical

Stringing young people out for prostitution purposes...

Get a Clue

Don't fall for the ruse

The action or plan 

Intended to deceive

Design for the destruction of both, me and you

Get a Clue

Behavior is Key

Attitude adjustment

For a nominal fee

I'll stop here, because the idea is that we have access to how to make rational life decisions for free, yet we are inundated by sales people who are anxious to charge for free advice on how to have a good and positive societal attitude. There is more to this poem, but I'll skip to the last stanza. The last stanza sums it up, it says: 

Get a Clue

Get wise

Drop to your knees

Close your eyes and pray

Don't waste time

Never mind

You weren't going to do it anyway

Get a clue

Read the rest of the poem on your own...

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.  

September 10, 2018

I was driven to write this piece, because of the exhausted use of this phrase, "Fear for My Life," by people who represent law enforcement. I couldn't fathom an individual with a badge and gun being in fear. One would think having a weapon would embolden an individual, unless challenged by someone who is equally armed, then it would be understandable about the circumstance that  incorporates a fear component. But, to rely on this phasing and rationale in the judicial system and under judgement, I cannot cogitate  such a remedial excuse to justify killing an un armed individual, and I might add, out manned also. 

My question is, who are really in fear for their life?

Fear for My Life

A justification or such

A common thread used for we the people

It seems to be too much

Hands down

Hands up

Hands behind your back

On the ground

Shots fired


Some one's dead

All is astound

Fear for my life

Means no act of faith

The powers of positivity

Drowning in frivolity

Fear for my life 

Who's running away?

Only the one with the gear

Lives to fear another day

Systems of Justice

Designed to obscure

Fear for my life

Supplicate, entreat, adjure

Excused, exonerated, free and released

A created monster

Fear for my Life

No justice for the deceased

The author of confusion

Victorious by deceit

Fear for my Life 

No longer discrete

Chime in listen close

Incline your ear

Embrace and hold love ones

Regard who's so dear

In a turn of a moment

Drop of a dime or the twinkle of an eye

A son, daughter, husband or wife

May fall victim to the infamous

Fear for my Life

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation

An ongoing series of informational entries

October 2, 2018

The initials JY stands for Jack Yates. Jack Yates was born John Henry Yates who was born July 11, 1828 who subsequently became an ordained Baptist Minister that founded the Antioch Missionary Baptist Church in Houston, Texas. This church was the 1st. African-American Baptist Church in Houston. Yates also established Houston Academy, which was a school for African-American Children. Reverend Yates also founded Bethel Baptist Church as well as the College Park Cemetery that facilitated the burials of freed-persons and other African-Americans.  He was also involved in the purchase of land that became the Emancipation Park in Houston, Texas.  

Jack Yates Senior High School in Houston is named after Minister Yates. Located in the 3rd Ward section of Houston, which is noted for its Championship producing Football teams  and professional Athletes (Leo Taylor, Canadian Football League; Major Stevenson ,Kansas City Chiefs and many others) and eventually its Basketball championship teams and professional Athletes (Jimmy Blacklock, Harlem Globetrotters; and "Tex" Harrison, Globetrotters and others). There have many Doctors and Lawyers and Politicians who hailed from this great institution. There have been many celebrities who graced the hallways of this great alma Mata. Such as, Debbi Allen (Actress, Choreographer, Dancer and Entrepreneur, and her sister Phylicia Rashad (Actress); Jazz Artist: Anita Moore (Singer with Duke Ellington's band), Calvin Bennett (Sax) , Louie Caraway, and Louie Carrington (Piano), as well as James Bolden (Trumpet), Ronald Thornton (Trombone, and High School Band Director) Who has a School named after him now,  just to name a few. The list and the rich history of the school and its alumni is infinite. 

However this poem was written in dedication to one individual who hailed from the ranks of JY in the field of Journalism. Like unto Claudette Simms ( Local TV News Reporter), Morris Vaughn Pyle (Local News and then on the South East coast TV News Reporter) and Mr. George McElroy (Journalism Teacher) who also published articles with the old Houston Post News Paper. This piece was written with Roland Martin in mind.

JY Homie

Houston is ground zero

He is a journalistic hero

An information perpetrator is his name

A lexicon guru is his claim

Ascot and pocket squares

Proclaims to dance like Fred Astaire

Challenge him politically

Don't you dare

He attempts to be jovial like the "Fresh Prince of Bellaire"

Clever, stunning and cunning

Early morning News continually running

Intelligence beyond measure

Provides information to treasure

Smiles like a Cheshire, Cat that is...

Get all up in your face 

When the social biz is at stake

An advocate for the plight

The poor and the oppressed shinning Knight

Power over the tongue

Which man cannot tame

JY Homie from Houston he came

TV News is his majestic claim to fame

Dedicated to Brother Roland

JY Homie

God Bless Each and Every Alumni of JY

Including me JY69

Dr. William W Richardson Jr