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A Poetic Muse for the enlightenment of the people; food for thought; Cognizant Consumption

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries


This poetry piece is special to me, for I think of it as a self check, or evaluation of self, or self examination of my humanness, my carnality. I look in the mirror and I ask myself what do I see? Do I see a fool or a wise individual. So I would define a fool according to biblical connotation. How do I match up to this definition? 

A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only expressing their opinion; A fool gives full vent to their own spirit, but a wise person quietly holds it back; the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction; who ever trusts in their own mind is a fool, but the one who walks in wisdom will be delivered; a fool's mouth is their ruin, and their lips are a snare to their soul; the wise inherit honor, but fools get disgrace; and the tongue of the wise commends knowledge, but the mouths of fools pour out folly.

Am I a Fool?

Filled with folly, envy, jealousy and strife

Filled with all the sinful things in life

Rejecting wise counsel, knowledge,

And understanding

Speaking loud, saying nothing

Ways commanding and demanding

Am I a Fool

Trusting personal thoughts

Trusting a personal heart

Carrying a goodly message

It can't be trusted

Lacking honor, increase of shame

Making false judgement

Causing pain

Like thorns on a bush

Words causing trouble and bloodstains

Being stubborn,

Thirsting for a reward of shame

Am I a Fool

Filled with arrogance, conceit, malice and such

If it's felt by now or thinking it's too much

It should prick your heart Get in your spirit

It's only a fool 

Who don't want to hear it

We must dare to be wise in this earthly journey. This self check is imperative, necessary if we are destined to be wise in God's eyes.  So ask yourself Am I a Fool? Am I guilty of all or some of these foolish characteristic listed scripturally?

Be Well...

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


The cover of this book (Drops of Revelation: Reprise) displays the observatory that is found in the flower garden at Hermann Park. While out trekking toward the top of this hill, I happened to notice the Miller outdoor theatre adjacent to the observatory. I strolled over to the outdoor pavilion and notice seats that are welded to the roof and began to ponder on how unique this artistic feature of expression is and subsequently took notice of the stage, and the orchestra pit and began pinning this poem. I thought of how heaven could inhabit these same features metaphorically. 

Under His Pavilion

Under His Pavilion

There are seats 

And His stage

Under His pavilion

There's no hatred

Or rage

Under His pavilion

There is protection

And His provision

The choice is ours

It is our decision

Under His pavilion

There is singing and praising

There are musical instruments

With dexterity that's amazing

Under His pavilion

There's a covering for all who enter

Under His pavilion 

Where His Spirit lives at the center

One big on going celebration and a time of rejoicing eternally is what I envision every time I visit the Miller Outdoor Theatre. 

Celebrate Life; celebrate eternity.

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.    

March 3, 2019

As I was out for a morning jog in Houston's Hermann Park, I notice the landscaping of an organized stone and rock resting area. At that moment I reflected on the uniqueness of that area that was sufficient for not only rest, but as a place for photo opportunities and other innovative ideologies. I immediately photographed that structure and meditated on the hymn that stated, "on Christ the solid rock I stand..." 

"Founded on a Rock" was birth from that Biblical scripture and my photographed rock and stone rest area in Hermann Park's jogging trail, which is also named the "Marvin Taylor jogging Trail" who the name sake of has since passed in 2018 in His 90's (ninety's) and who was also a good friend of mine.  

The book of Matthew 7th chapter and 25th verse is the foundation of this poem piece. It states: And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon the house, and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock. 

Founded on a Rock

That can withstand

The breakers dashing

And by strong winds it cannot be shaken

The rock that is placed on 

The building set forth

To Keep the balance

Edifying beauty at a glance

Not like the one the torrent would burst

And the building would fall and collapse

Because its builders was shady, perhaps

Foundation on this rock

Is tried and true

Not breaking to ruin

But its strength, power and might

Against all trials will come through

Founded on a rock

Is designed to withstand 

All the trials and test

Which are perpetrated

By heartless man

So, the hymn "The Solid Rock" gives great credence to the context of this poem. "On Christ the solid rock I stand; All other ground is sinking sand."  Christ is that founded rock. 


Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

An ongoing series of informational entries


This piece stems from a photograph that was taken when my granddaughter, Nyla, and I was taken while babysetting her. The photo has her lying in my chest as an infant. It renders and impression that she is listening to my heart beat, thus creating the concept of the poem title.  It also reveals some of our bonding moments. I can't package my total emotion when I see this picture, however, I was able to compose some of them in this poem piece.

Listen  to My Heartbeat

Little one listen to my heartbeat

Listen to your ancestry

As the blood of life

Flows with each beat

From the crown of my head

To the Planter of my feet

It's your lineage,

Your heritage,

Our sanguine cells

Connecting our generations

You're a precious gift

From the Author of creation

Contemporarily, Nyla and I are very clingy with one another and at times we are inseparable. We have such a unique bond, and I feel it started with that photographic moment when she was listening to my heartbeat.

Love always

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.


An informal exchange of thoughts is the definition of what a conversation should be connoted as. Usually understood as oral communication between persons. Most often a dialogue should depict progress in the subject of interest. However, there are times when a conversation becomes stoic or repetitious. So, what is the real purpose of engaging in conversation? Is not the expectation concerning conversation, is, to come to consensus about a matter or subject, or to move forward in increments showing some progression. It appears that todays conversations are the same ones as 50 years ago. This piece is motivated by the exhibition of societal polarization in dialogue and conversation, as well as repetition involving our social issues, which seem to persist, the same conversation. 

The Same Conversation

It's the same conversation

Racism, sexism, political inequity

Educational, and economical reform

In a perilous society

The same conversation

Diversity is a facade

A covert smoke-screen

A cover up for the blind leading the blind

Embedded, under the auspice of civil liberty

The same conversation

A discussion of fitness and health

When the water is tainted

Canned preservatives on the shelves

Arable soil saturated with pesticides

Bordering conspiracies of genocide

The same conversation 

Years of debate

Years of depression, Suppression

And hate

Years of searching

For freedoms and liberty

The same conversation persists

Seeking a Reality that don't even exist

The same conversation

Perpetual, it will be around

Talk is cheep, not moving forward

Whether there is a smile or a frown

This conversation is going nowhere

This conversation is only had

By those who don't care

The last line is relative to people who represent those who make up a community that is under represented and underserved who are not able to, or cannot identify with those under represented or underserved individuals, espcially, if neither side of the issue can identify with the under represented or under served. Who has our best interest? 

I'll leave that right there...

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

March 31, 2019

Socratically, I asked myself what does it mean to cleave? The answer is that when one is cleaving to something they are adhering closely to, or sticking to, or clinging to whatever the person, place or thing they desire to cleave to. It could mean that an individual would like to remain faithful to whomever or whatever their heart's desire. It could connote that someone may have strong feelings, maybe of loyalty, or emotional attachment. Is it possible that a couple who desire to vow nuptials desire to cleave to one another until death due them part?   

I get the feeling that if the church is Christ's bride then we as followers of Christ should have a desire to cleave to Christ, as our Lord and Savior. This poem piece is a sublime off shoot of that passion for Christ. 


Cleaving, to you I'm Adhearing

Cleaving, Like Siamese Twins

Cleaving, because you made me whole again

Cleaving, no longer needing to apprehend 

Cleaving, helping me to preclude sin

Cleaving, praying you'll never leave me

Cleaving, hoping mine eyes don't deceive me 

Cleaving, I have no Father nor Mother

Cleaving, who are my Sisters and Brothers?

Cleaving, we are meant for each other

Cleaving, we are eternal lovers

Cleaving, besides you there can be no other

I'm cleaving 

I'm not leaving

As human beings we must be careful about whom or what we attach ourselves to. We must cleave to that which will be an asset to our being and not a liability. Choose life, not death. We must cleave to righteousness. 

Dr William W Richardson Jr. 

An ongoing series of informational entries


The origen of this piece is derived from the fact that words are powerful and those words may impact society as a change agent. Although I will post this poem I must share with you that it has morphed into a piece called," Powerful Poets" which is the title track on my Album ("CD") called "Powerful Poets." Often I'm reminded that we must be careful how we speak to one another, or if we have nothing good to say, then don't say anything at all. Words have been used to tare down or build up people, places and things, the nouns of our society, and also used to convey a desire or some type of information or message.  Keep in mind that we are all poets to some degree and we are all powerful if we choose to be. So, what is your choice? Are you a builder with your words or are you a demolitionist with your words? 


Our words have power

When we speak

Our social listeners attention span should peak

When we speak

It is our social intelligence 

That the listener should seek

When we speak

Cognitive dissonance 

Should come to an end

Rather a unity in society 

Where everyone wins

When we speak 

Power to the people

Check out "Powerful Poets" track to get the full gambit of this poetic message about how we , as poets, influence and impact society with our words.  Sample it at  

Enjoy, Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


This poem piece was inspired by the fact that our behavior, or the origin of our actions are initiated in our minds. Our thoughts are expressed physically by our actions or behavior. When we see or hear someone in an encounter or an engagement there are certain thoughts that are triggered without verbalizing them. When one gender sees another gender there are hormonal influences that occur creating a process that ignite rules of engagement. 

Cognition is that process. The very act or process of knowing or having a perception. Wherby, Copulation is that joining together or coupling that takes place in the mind before it becomes a physical reality.

Cognitive Copulation

A joining together 

Or a coupling so to speak

A meeting of the mind

Reaching a climaxing peak

Birthing congruent thoughts

A spewing of poetic nature

That's why we're all here

The results of cognitive copulation

Touching with our words

Receiving the sensation

The electrifying exhiliaration

Of cognitive copulation

Feel the pulse in the Spirit

Feel the rhythm of the rhyme

It's the cognitive copulation

We're loosing sense of time

With a smile on your face

 While the poetic words embrace

The magnetic oration

Remember it's the result of

Cognitive copulation

Long after we have departed

Even while we are sleep

Cognitive copulation

Into our dreams it will permeate

And creep

Now, Let's Just Kiss

And say goodbye

Don't let your mind play tricks on you, some things are best kept there. But if you are brave, then step out of your comfort zone and express your cognitive copulation.

Peace and Love Forever...

Dr. William W Richardson Jr

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries of my 2nd. Book


This piece initially started out with the idea that there are issues in life too big for us, as human beings, to handle. There has to be something greater than ourselves, something spiritual, something supranatural. Often the Bible speaks on the fact that God will fight our battles for us or that we should let go and let God have His way. Ultimately we are promised the victory over our life's challenges. 

Take Your Hands Off

When your iniquity is impossible

When your sin is causing you to sink

When transgressions don't cease from 


Just take your hands off

He will isolate you from your iniquity 

He will separate you from your sin

He will take away your transgression

Just take your hands off

He interred His body for your iniquity

After shedding His blood for your sin

He traded His life for your transgression


Just take your hands off

The last stanza is a reminder of how we obtained the victory that was afore mentioned. That victory over our iniquities, sins and transgressions was provided by the crucifixion of Christ, His death, burial and resurrection. The pictorial illustration associated with this poem is a primary example of how children began to walk in more advanced stages when the parent take their hands off of that child, and eventually the problem is handle without the parent's assistance.  My grandson is depicted with my great grandson mimicking the idea of releasing something. 

Just remember to take your hand off your issue and let God have His way with that issue.

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


You Know Who You Are 

You are an eagle flying high

above the earth

No man can throw dirt on you

No man can guess your worth 

You are a shinning star

Shinning for all to see

No man can stop your shine

For your spirit shine for eternity

This poem was written to encourage people, in particularly, children and women who are victims of abuse, whether verbal or physical. Children are being bullied in school and women are experiencing domestic abuse and being devalued. These words are penned to place value back to those individuals. This piece ended up being a work in progress and more has been added to this piece of poetry. In order to hear the rest of this poetry piece, you will have to purchase the Album "Powerful Poets" and select track six (6) "You Know Who You Are" and hear 4 minutes and 49 seconds of this poem laced with jazz.

Sometimes pieces like this causes a conviction and may be difficult to put a poem, such as this, to an end. Because of the nature of this issue I could not turn it off. I seek to uplift the victims of abuse through my poetry, seeking to elevate and empower people who need to evolve from such abuse.  Eagles are untouchable creatures, and so are heavenly stars...

Yours truly, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


This piece was written to raise awareness about the color of skin that causes society to categorize or classify human beings into a race. Because of this classification process, stratification and discrimination becomes an issue. No living human being has input in their measure of melanin in their eyes, hair and skin at birth. Tantamount to a rose garden, roses may come in all types of colors and as they are beheld people are amazed at the beauty arrayed in the spectrum of colors. Why can't we appreciate the variance of melanin that saturate individuals in society within the Creator's Garden of living souls. We should be amazed by, and appreciate the beauty of the array of colors of eyes, hair and skin, just as we are amazed at and appreciate the Rainbow and its colors.   


As a drop of ink changes  the color of a glass of water

A drop of melanin changes the future 

And the life of an entire race and culture


The substance in the skin, eyes, and hair

Protection from strong sunlight

Not so for those who don't care

Those who are mystified

Sometimes caught in a gaze or a misunderstood stare


One of God's way of painting a picture with the

human population

A flower garden of humanity

With a backdrop of the globe and a sky filled with 

Holy constellations


The amount, measure or saturation there of

It's out of our control

Sanctioned only by the insight, His majestic love


See it for its beauty

As it laces each race

Greet it with a smile

An expression of love

Manifested on every face


Embrace it with pride

There is no need to hide

The melanin of our hair, eyes and skin

Wear it well make a friend

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. . 

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries

November 14, 2018

Contrast Defined: to compare in order to show unlikeness or difference, opposite natures or purpose. This poetry piece "It's All In Contrast" was written with the idea of showing distinctions between Worldly ideology and Heavenly ideology. 

It's all in contrast

No, it's not Black and White

But shades of Gray 

It's my character that I feel this way

All to often societal issues are viewed in black and white, yet the true contrast is the in between, shades of gray. I's not racial or age related, or gender associated, it is my personal interactive journey or roller coaster ride that encompass my joys and pain that completely makes my experience whole.

It's  all in contrast

Long scale or short scale 

This love will never fail

What I'm expounding about

It is no tail

Farther than vision

Deeper than the sea

It's not about you 

It's not about me

What I'm expounding on is the intangible, the heavenly experience, that emotion that comes over a person that can't be explained, but brings on some type of euphoria which brings on a smile and a posture of piece. Implications of spirituality. 

It's all in contrast

It's not about time

It's not about a place

It's not about a smile or a frown 

We have on our face

Opposite the world

And it's temporality

It's all in contrast

It's eternity

Look at it long

Study it wrong

It's beyond our thoughts and dreams

On earth it don't belong

So get out of self

And let death in

It's all in contrast

New life begins

Death comes in many forms and in many types of metaphoric circumstances. If we die to selfishness, we begin a new life of being more objective and less subjective, more altruistic and less egotistic. We must not be preoccupied with time that is in a linear frame , but focus on the eternal that has been prescribed for our human existence. Death enters at an appointed time establishing our temporal, yet it segue our existence into the eternal. Let death in so new life can began. 

I hope you get the picture, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.  

November 8, 2018

I Made It

I made it here today

Sometimes there's trouble 

Along the way

Sometimes thunder and lightning

From the sky

Other times wading through water 

That's thigh high

I made it here today

Knowing that Jesus

Won't let trouble last always

I made it

There are times when traveling toward a certain destination when a misdirection may take place, while in the mist of this misdirection there are experiences within the environment that may cause a delay in an arrival to that destination, just know that it isn't a complete denial of reaching that destination. It is only a delay. 

Sometimes, it could be people, sometimes it could be some thing that cause the delay or misdirection. There must be an understanding that the delay or misdirection is only temporary and that these delays or misdirection's will not last always. 

This poem was written as a personal encouragement to self in being mindful that  as I journey through life I will be faced with storms, some great some small, yet, they are not so severe that my destination will not be reached. My faith and trust will be the catalyst in reaching my goal, my destination.  Because, Jesus said he won't let my troubles last always. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


This poem piece was initially written to encourage individuals who are or has experiencing abuse, whether it is physical or verbal or any type of bullying. Success of any kind starts within, within your own mind, your body, your own soul. It's not what others say or think you are, but what God says you are. This poem was so impactful that it was eventually expanded upon in a newer version that is now recorded on my Album (CD) called "Powerful Poets." The book version: 

You Know Who You Are

You are like an Eagle flying high 

above the earth

No man can throw dirt on you

No Man can guess your worth

You are like a shinning star

Shinning for all to see

No man can stop your shine

For your Spirit shines for eternity

You Know who You Are

Check out the New Version on and down load the single or the entire album, also available on iTunes, and any of the download platforms. The album and tracks are also available on all of the streaming platforms as well, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and others.

All the best, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries

December 12,2018

This Poetry piece is motivated by Jesus the Christ. His purpose on earth was to demonstrate to us how to live and love one another and to exhibit His position with God as the ultimate sacrifice for sin and how He promised to come back to gather His believers, thus the title "Stay Tuned," come in to play. Basically, we're waiting on the promise by faith.

Stay Tuned

Casting out demons

Having dinner with heathens

Giving sight to the blind

Traveling cross country without a dime

The truth He told

Will stand the test of time

Fishing without a net

You're thinking fish I'll bet

He's fishing for men

Saving them from sin

Just look up

No, don't stare

Can't you see

He had a cross to bear

Hey, He was in that hole in the ground

Why are all these people standing around?

Look up, He's going away on that cloud

Do you see, what did He say unto thee?

He said that He's coming back

For you and me

Wow, that's my purpose,

My Destiny

Stay tuned !

My Destiny and purpose is to share the story of the promise of Jesus the Christ. If you are not a believer, that's okay, I'm petitioning you to just stay tuned. I am.

Dr.​ William W Richardson Jr.

December 4,2018

This poem piece was actually motivated by the Winans and their song "The Question Is." While listening to the lyrics I began a self check and started to consider how my relationship with Jesus is actually a witness to on lookers. So I penned the words to this self examination. 

My Question Is 

Do I know Jesus 

Do I know that He died

Do I know that He's still alive

Standing by His Father's side

My Question Is

is He my Rock?

Is He My Healer?

My Doctor, My Lawyer

My Shepherd, My Appealer

The answer is yes

At the mention of His Name

My Question is to you 

Can you say the same

Our life story should be a witness to Christ and about His death, burial, and resurrection. We must first examine ourselves and then help someone else to identify with the one who sacrificed His life for us so that we should inherit God's Kingdom after this earthly sojourn. This is not an attempt to proselytize, but to share the inspiration of the Winans song as it impacted my spiritual emotion at the time. I would that you search out the song and then relate it to this poem. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

November 26, 2018

In this Nation, we boast diversity and inclusion, also being what is called a "Melting Pot," a collection of cultural and racial differences.  A flower garden of various colors and skin tones. The expectancy is an appreciation of God's creativity bounded in unity and collectivity. Everyone embracing a love for one another's uniqueness without humanity's assistance and input, yet God's product is rejected by some and is used to make distinctions in our societies six social institutions. This piece is a depiction of my thoughts and views of what is evident in my reality. 

More  About Color Than Culture

In a sea of diversity

The focus is on color, not of cultural diversity 

Affirmative Action is not a policy of thrift

Devised for equity Its purpose implementing a shift

Tagged in institutions as a matter of color

Despised by the majority

Depicted as a vulture

Seemed to be more about color than culture

Why be viewed by color

Lived on the exterior

The true self of anyone

Found in the depths of

A human interior

It's a cry to declassify

The superior and the inferior

Casting color posterior

Making equality of culture

A desired ulterior

Why should it be 

More about color than 

A unified culture

Manifesting division in policies and decision

Diversity is the melting pot

Of this Nation's premise

Amicable thought, an aim for the future

Yet, contemporary experience

Is more about color than a collective culture

Until standards change within this society, we as a Nation, will never reap and receive the full benefit of that which God has in store for us, as a human race. We must stop looking exteriorly and focus on the internal, that is where the beauty is located, within. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries


My Masters degree is in Public Administration, in other words, meaning, administering to the public, or better still, serving the public or being a public servant. The person in service of another. One may be an administrator or leader, but they are still a servant. There is an adage that states: "in order to be a great leader, one must be a good follower." This poetry piece is an example of this adage. In this society we must not be afraid to "Just be the Servant." Lead by example.

Just Be the Servant

Like the one who put a towel

Across His lap and washed His friends feet

Like the one who prayed

While His friends were fast to sleep

Just be the Servant 

Like the one who didn't speak

While the accusers told a lie

And those very same accusers whished

To see Him sentenced to die

Just be the Servant

Like the one who said

Suffer the little children to come unto me

Like the one who walked on the water as He pulled

A Drowning friend

Up from a stormy sea

Just be the servant

Like the one who healed the sick

And gave sight to the blind

Like the on who fed 5,000

Who didn't have to stand in line

Like the one who raised the dead 

And had the Possessed, sitting, clothe

Andin his right mind

Just be the Servant

Like the one who stood for truth and righteousness

For His Fathers' sake

He was able to discern who was real

And discern who was fake

With this simple prose

All I'm trying to say

The example is given 

By the one that is risen

Just Be the Servant

Dr. William W Richardson Jr

"Peace and Love Forever"


When the term "still" is used in reference to audible sound it connotes as being free from sound or noise, as a place being silent or a person being silent. It can also be stipulated as being subdued or low in sound, such as in a still small voice. 

There are moments in time when I'm alone or in deep thought or sometimes in meditation, I envision God speaking to me in a still small voice, either correcting me or guiding me or educating and enlightening me. It is in those moments when I maximize my hearing. 

Often I am awakened in the early morning hours and the meditation of my heart begin to speak to my soul and spirit, thus becoming the source of my poetry, as a result, I introduce to you, the reader, "Still Small Voice. 

Still Small Voice

After the earthquake 

After the fire

After the pain, your heart should desire

God's still small voice will sooth your pain

His still small voice will shield you from shame

Listen and hold fast

Your trials and circumstance

All will soon pass

Listen and be still 

Your emptiness He will fill

God's Still small voice

Loves you

It's real

Its presence you'll feel

It will console you

You'll have peace

Just be still and Know

That still small voice is very real

Those moments when life is in a state of dissonance one should be still and know that in the mist of it all we should focus and tune in on God's still small voice to navigate through the turbulence of life. On the way to the horizon of our hearts. Stay in His word, stay in His will. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

enjoy the Poetic New Year

December 18, 2018

This poem is an actual account of a situation experienced by a church member who was functioning in a service capacity for the church. Upon giving his testimony to the congregation at the request of the Pastor, the inspiration came to put it in a poetic format. Very motivational and inspirational for exhibiting faith in a crucial situation. Faith is F-forward, A-action, I- in, T- trusting, H-Him (God). Whereas, Hebrews 11: 1 states that Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. 

God Spoke to a Man

God spoke to a man in a burning van

Stalled at the track

But God had his back

He even made some calls

But still lost it all

His tools, His van and almost the church plans

He was a defeated man

He felt so a shame

His business in flames

He wasn't to blame

Then he called on that Name

His Wife said, have Hope

Just narrow the scope

Don't dictate

Continue to dedicate

Allow Jesus to be the innovator

He is the awesome creator

Then he heard God's prophetic word

Obedience will open the doors of opportunity

To his business and his service

He stepped out on faith though he was nervous

His HOPE, having outrageous positive expectations

This was his segue to his blessed restoration

Now this man has another van

Now God gets the glory by this testimonial story

Cause God spoke to a man

Now with new tools, and another van

Be blessed believers, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.