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Poetic Muse for the enlightenment of the people; food for cognizant consumption

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

Drops of Revelation: Sonnets

An ongoing series of informational entries from my 3rd Book

"Royal Emoetry"

January 17, 2020 

This piece was inspired by a phenomenal poet, Kanita Turner. who hosted many open mic poetry events. I chose to take a poetic opportunity to acknowledge her gift and artistry by paying tribute through my poetic prose.

Royal Emoetry

For your story, I would do anything, just to see you and to hear your poetry

I want to be where you are, there’s poetry where you are

I want to be where you are, Emoetry is who you are

For your story, I would do anything, just to see you and to hear your poetry

Royal Emoetry, hailing from the land of poetry

As rhythms of rhymes drip from your lips like honey

Dipped on a stick pouring on toasted bread

With sensual melodic tones of poetry floating in your head

Crowned with your locks of poetic labor of love

Floating like a dove descending from heaven above

With expressions of sweet tasting words, a pleasant attitude to the multitude

Not with platitudes of gratitude, no, they’re not nude, but clothe with royal purple and blue

I want to be where you are, there’s poetry where you are

I want to be where you are, Emoetry is who you are

Royal Emoetry

This piece is found in "Drops of Revelation: Sonnets"

It was a joy to perform this piece for her at one of the open mic events that she hosted...

Dr William W Richardson Jr. 

"Piccolo Girl"

September 30, 2019

This poetic sonnet is an expression of how proud of a Poppa I am. My youngest daughter, Julia Elizabeth, started playing music at 4 and 5 years old. She first started taking piano lessons with Shirley (deceased, 2009) and Rise' Joiner and subsequently began playing the flute in the 7th grade. While in the 8th grade she performed in the High School show band, and in the interim she began to learn how to play English hand bells. Four years of High School Marching band and competitions she ran track and cross country simultaneously. She eventually received a band scholarship and academic scholarship at Texas Southern University's Ocean of Soul Marching band playing the piccolo, not to mention being in concert and symphony band as well. She was dubbed Piccolo Girl by members of the football team, yet everyone calls her "JuJu," 

Piccolo Girl

Piccolo Girl, sharing her musical notes with the world

Sending out melodic notes like a string of fine jewelry pearls

Amidst an "Ocean" of musical brass and wood instruments

Those high pitched-tones are something like Heaven sent

Melodic tones with an angelic flavor taking flight with wings

Give me a moment, this musical experience, that, I must savor

Your unique audible qualities are like no other

I  love the way you march and strut with your Maroon and Gray Sisters and Brothers

Piccolo Girl, playing scales and shrills and toots

With sounds that are an octave higher than an ordinary flute

When it comes to music you're never done

You're the who seems to have infinite qualities and perpetual fun

Play on, Piccolo Girl, keep playing until you're done

Because of all the sounds in the "Ocean," I only hear just one

Daddy's "Piccolo Girl." 

JuJu is also featured playing the piccolo on the Album "Powerful Poets" on track #5 "Piccolo Girl" it can be Downloaded or streamed on all the platforms. It can also be viewed on YouTube 

Check it out,

Dr William W Richardson Jr.  



Twins are an enigma of our human society, they usually keep the general public in awe. My first children were twins, where as, one of them died at two (2) years old. I have many fond memories of how they helped and depended on one another in the growth and development phase of life on Earth, from crawling to walking, climbing out of the crib and one being neat while eating and the other being a messy eater.  There are two types of twins, monozygotic twins (Identical) sharing the same gestational sac, and di-zygotic twins (Fraternal) having separate sacs. Twins are common in my family, I have twin Nephews, and 2 sets of twin great Nieces. Our society still remain in awe of this phenomenon even though twins have become more common. This poem piece addresses the twining phenomenon. 


Like the symbol and sign of a Gemini

Twins being as a shared Godhood

Traveling in twain, a phenomenon not well understood

Twins like the Gemini, for months a shared space in which they did abide

Twins are expressed as a separation of an egg in embryology 

Twins are an enigma, a phenomenon of pro-creative biology

Twins are not a curse, but a blessing in a unique histology

Twins carry a number in the doctrine of numerology

Twins are energetic, twins are cunning and clever,

Twins are creative in all that they endeavor

Twins reign in that special place in my heart

Twins are dear to me, it is with twins I have a personal affinity

Twins symbolizes the number two (2), the unity of different entities

Twins seeks to end separateness bringing about peace and a greater good for humanity

Check out the book Drops of Revelation: Sonnets and see the twin photos, enjoy.

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.