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Dr. William W Richardson Jr.

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries of my 2nd. Book


This piece initially started out with the idea that there are issues in life too big for us, as human beings, to handle. There has to be something greater than ourselves, something spiritual, something supranatural. Often the Bible speaks on the fact that God will fight our battles for us or that we should let go and let God have His way. Ultimately we are promised the victory over our life's challenges. 

Take Your Hands Off

When your iniquity is impossible

When your sin is causing you to sink

When transgressions don't cease from 


Just take your hands off

He will isolate you from your iniquity 

He will separate you from your sin

He will take away your transgression

Just take your hands off

He interred His body for your iniquity

After shedding His blood for your sin

He traded His life for your transgression


Just take your hands off

The last stanza is a reminder of how we obtained the victory that was afore mentioned. That victory over our iniquities, sins and transgressions was provided by the crucifixion of Christ, His death, burial and resurrection. The pictorial illustration associated with this poem is a primary example of how children began to walk in more advanced stages when the parent take their hands off of that child, and eventually the problem is handle without the parent's assistance.  My grandson is depicted with my great grandson mimicking the idea of releasing something. 

Just remember to take your hand off your issue and let God have His way with that issue.

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


You Know Who You Are 

You are an eagle flying high

above the earth

No man can throw dirt on you

No man can guess your worth 

You are a shinning star

Shinning for all to see

No man can stop your shine

For your spirit shine for eternity

This poem was written to encourage people, in particularly, children and women who are victims of abuse, whether verbal or physical. Children are being bullied in school and women are experiencing domestic abuse and being devalued. These words are penned to place value back to those individuals. This piece ended up being a work in progress and more has been added to this piece of poetry. In order to hear the rest of this poetry piece, you will have to purchase the Album "Powerful Poets" and select track six (6) "You Know Who You Are" and hear 4 minutes and 49 seconds of this poem laced with jazz.

Sometimes pieces like this causes a conviction and may be difficult to put a poem, such as this, to an end. Because of the nature of this issue I could not turn it off. I seek to uplift the victims of abuse through my poetry, seeking to elevate and empower people who need to evolve from such abuse.  Eagles are untouchable creatures, and so are heavenly stars...

Yours truly, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


This piece was written to raise awareness about the color of skin that causes society to categorize or classify human beings into a race. Because of this classification process, stratification and discrimination becomes an issue. No living human being has input in their measure of melanin in their eyes, hair and skin at birth. Tantamount to a rose garden, roses may come in all types of colors and as they are beheld people are amazed at the beauty arrayed in the spectrum of colors. Why can't we appreciate the variance of melanin that saturate individuals in society within the Creator's Garden of living souls. We should be amazed by, and appreciate the beauty of the array of colors of eyes, hair and skin, just as we are amazed at and appreciate the Rainbow and its colors.   


As a drop of ink changes  the color of a glass of water

A drop of melanin changes the future 

And the life of an entire race and culture


The substance in the skin, eyes, and hair

Protection from strong sunlight

Not so for those who don't care

Those who are mystified

Sometimes caught in a gaze or a misunderstood stare


One of God's way of painting a picture with the

human population

A flower garden of humanity

With a backdrop of the globe and a sky filled with 

Holy constellations


The amount, measure or saturation there of

It's out of our control

Sanctioned only by the insight, His majestic love


See it for its beauty

As it laces each race

Greet it with a smile

An expression of love

Manifested on every face


Embrace it with pride

There is no need to hide

The melanin of our hair, eyes and skin

Wear it well make a friend

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. . 

Drops of Revelation: Reprise

An ongoing series of informational entries

November 14, 2018

Contrast Defined: to compare in order to show unlikeness or difference, opposite natures or purpose. This poetry piece "It's All In Contrast" was written with the idea of showing distinctions between Worldly ideology and Heavenly ideology. 

It's all in contrast

No, it's not Black and White

But shades of Gray 

It's my character that I feel this way

All to often societal issues are viewed in black and white, yet the true contrast is the in between, shades of gray. I's not racial or age related, or gender associated, it is my personal interactive journey or roller coaster ride that encompass my joys and pain that completely makes my experience whole.

It's  all in contrast

Long scale or short scale 

This love will never fail

What I'm expounding about

It is no tail

Farther than vision

Deeper than the sea

It's not about you 

It's not about me

What I'm expounding on is the intangible, the heavenly experience, that emotion that comes over a person that can't be explained, but brings on some type of euphoria which brings on a smile and a posture of piece. Implications of spirituality. 

It's all in contrast

It's not about time

It's not about a place

It's not about a smile or a frown 

We have on our face

Opposite the world

And it's temporality

It's all in contrast

It's eternity

Look at it long

Study it wrong

It's beyond our thoughts and dreams

On earth it don't belong

So get out of self

And let death in

It's all in contrast

New life begins

Death comes in many forms and in many types of metaphoric circumstances. If we die to selfishness, we begin a new life of being more objective and less subjective, more altruistic and less egotistic. We must not be preoccupied with time that is in a linear frame , but focus on the eternal that has been prescribed for our human existence. Death enters at an appointed time establishing our temporal, yet it segue our existence into the eternal. Let death in so new life can began. 

I hope you get the picture, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr.  

November 8, 2018

I Made It

I made it here today

Sometimes there's trouble 

Along the way

Sometimes thunder and lightning

From the sky

Other times wading through water 

That's thigh high

I made it here today

Knowing that Jesus

Won't let trouble last always

I made it

There are times when traveling toward a certain destination when a misdirection may take place, while in the mist of this misdirection there are experiences within the environment that may cause a delay in an arrival to that destination, just know that it isn't a complete denial of reaching that destination. It is only a delay. 

Sometimes, it could be people, sometimes it could be some thing that cause the delay or misdirection. There must be an understanding that the delay or misdirection is only temporary and that these delays or misdirection's will not last always. 

This poem was written as a personal encouragement to self in being mindful that  as I journey through life I will be faced with storms, some great some small, yet, they are not so severe that my destination will not be reached. My faith and trust will be the catalyst in reaching my goal, my destination.  Because, Jesus said he won't let my troubles last always. 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 


This poem piece was initially written to encourage individuals who are or has experiencing abuse, whether it is physical or verbal or any type of bullying. Success of any kind starts within, within your own mind, your body, your own soul. It's not what others say or think you are, but what God says you are. This poem was so impactful that it was eventually expanded upon in a newer version that is now recorded on my Album (CD) called "Powerful Poets." The book version: 

You Know Who You Are

You are like an Eagle flying high 

above the earth

No man can throw dirt on you

No Man can guess your worth

You are like a shinning star

Shinning for all to see

No man can stop your shine

For your Spirit shines for eternity

You Know who You Are

Check out the New Version on cdbaby.com and down load the single or the entire album, also available on iTunes, and any of the download platforms. The album and tracks are also available on all of the streaming platforms as well, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music and others.

All the best, 

Dr. William W Richardson Jr. 

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