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Reads for the Hungry Mind

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I have a Ph.D. in Christian Leadership from Juliana King University,

For which I’m grateful and humbled to be.

Dissertation is focused on attitudes about suicide in our society;

The preservation of life is my priority.

A Master’s Degree in Public Administration,

Interest focused on human resources

And labor relations.

Leadership courses prompt curiosity,

Obtaining a certification

In Dispute Resolution

In Texas’ Harris County, quelling my curiosity.

Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science,

Justice Thurgood Marshall

As a motivation,

Reading his story about legal defiance.

A member of Phi Nu Chapter

Of Pi Sigma Alpha

Political Science Honor Society.

In case I didn’t mention, there is a minor in Sociology.

Both Master’s and Bachelor’s degree

Are from Texas Southern University.

From Houston Community College,

Where I had a second start,

An Associate’s Degree

In Liberal Arts.

Active in the Church,

Active in the Community,

Active in familial life,

That is the way the Creator designed me to be.

Water Sign

Born June 23, according to those who consider Astrology or Astronomy, including those who observe the sun, moon, and stars, I would be considered a "Cancer" a water sign with the Zodiac symbol of a crab. A moon child, making me emotionally moody and sensitive. I think my poetry depict those characteristics. Check it out and decide for yourself.

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